Routed and Braille Balls

We have several routers enabling us to produce large quantities of signs if required. One-off signs are also easily achievable fulfilling small orders and producing samples. We have no minimum order value, quantity or size of sign.


Our Braille is produced by force-fitting acrylic balls in to the face of the material. This produces a Braille that Brailleists find very easy to read. Braille is mainly produced on paper by pushing pins from behind the surface of the paper resulting in a Braille dot being dome-shaped.


By using the ball method the Braille produced mimics the dome shape Braille readers are used to. Rather than using a hand punch for putting in the Braille we have a fully automated system that ensures the all the Braille balls are forced into the material using the exact amount of pressure to ensure they are all securely fixed and all at exactly the same height.


Other processes such as photo polymer produce a more flat topped Braille (often referred to at “volcano” Braille) and sharp edges to the text rather than the recommended bevelled edge producing a Braille and tactile sign that is not as easily read through touch.


Our main method of production is with routed text and symbols. This offers a very crisp and well defines edge to the symbol/edge which is recommended and used by the RNIB.



There have also been instances where after a period of time the paint on a photo polymer sign begins to craze and flake off. This is thought to be due to the polymer absorbing moisture from the air and expanding, thus cracking the paint.


Here are some images of the processes that MK Design and its suppliers undertake when producing its signs.

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